by Shabbadoo

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released December 13, 2006

•Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabbadoo
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
•Doc Shabbadoo
Drums, Percussion, Keyboards
•Drewbie Shabbadoo
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
•Nopey Shabbadoo
Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
•Professor Shabbadoo
Keyboards, Percussion, Effects



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Shabbadoo Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Power Nap
pack em in, lining up for your return
make believe we really do belong here
take the stage but you’re already playing
our escape ‘til they take it all away for good

cut scene in: the beginning’s end out in the wasteland
fill my cup push the limit up like only you can
all that lube and a rubik’s cube under a street lamp

move upstate to exterminate all of your cares
take it slow in the walnut grove with no one else there
citron and cinnamon scenting the air

spin that wheel it may make you feel a little spacey
full of juice and the bolts are loose ready for racing
hands in lap take a power nap with Edgar Cayce

float right up if you’re light enough and see what he saw
what would he do if ol’ newton knew we’re breakin' his laws
the tomb was wrecked but no one ever checked under the sphinx paw
Track Name: Bubbles
peaceful and proud sat up on your high horse
he used to be my horse
I just didn’t have room
so I gave him to you

bean shaped pods all hung from a wire
we’d never been higher
we could see the whole world
blue and shaped like a pearl

we wanted to find
see how high we could climb
so we stripped from the vine
the fruit ripened and prime
and their juices combined
to be made into wine
and you looked so divine
you were lit from behind
and we almost stopped time

three times in we run into a fence
still could make up the difference
I can help you get through
just show me what to do

trees and flowers bedazzled on your blouse
you’re still up in your lighthouse
won’t you go find your crown
and then come shining down
Track Name: Inez In Zazen
the lady of our dreams, in the thick for certain
unaware and running away with it

on her wedding day, all done up and waiting
she found out if her mother’s veil would fit

set ablaze with one incendiary comment
cooling off, she follows her breath on the air

I'd give anything to see the view from her window
and I know she’s right at the top of the stairs

like any other day for Inez’s baby
now she’s disappearing right in front of him

hum a melody for Inez in zazen
chances are they never knew what hit them

(halomaya halomaya halomaya)

in my eyes - in my arms - in my heart - halomaya
Track Name: Deluxe Allege
caught the sniper like a duck in a noose
is what the chief had said
a signal to confirm the new location
and send them off to bed

return your turn, on your arrival
we’ll brief you on the rest
everything proceeding just like clockwork
we now conclude this test

bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb

with a turn of a circle - native born and bred
and trained by the best

carry it clearly and carry it often
and carry it to the grave
everybody shout “hoorah for our side”
now blow them all away

free to see a little farther
free to grow a little taller
freedom ringing in your ears
Track Name: Atari Game
press for two players
and prepare for the first stage
like we’ve fallen into an Atari game

true uncommon knowledge
when it’s time to call the plays
and you’ll call ‘em out like Vince Lombardy

the one to guide us
through a pixelated maze
now the robots do the fighting for us
they’ll be home before we reach the chorus

dial it in dial it in dial it in dial it in dial it in

flow through the motions
on a cruise through outer space
really took the game and redefined it

the battle is decided
and we never left the base
we can play or pause, even rewind it
and there’s more to follow close behind it
it goes on and on ‘til you don’t mind it
here to spoil the milk
Track Name: Searchlight
the guests are seated as the second half begins
a line still on our doorstep waiting to get in
a brief and sad existence forgotten where we’re from
the gifts that you rejected call for you to come

fit's tight, “all in” - last light fallin’
sweet ride, haulin’ - feels like soarin’

you know I hate to miss out on any of the show
the place your eyes suggested was all I had to know

just right, called it - view’s nice, sprawlin’
peeps rise, an’ fallin’ - searchlight saw it
veiw’s nice, sprawlin’ - worth recallin’
peeps rise, an’ fallin’ - searchlight saw it
Track Name: Trump Card
knew the first time, green lights over her eyes
in the bread line, meanwhile you’re in denial
in search of your inner place
the sound securing the space
all of the signs increasing every day

play the trump card, they seem so easily led
make a jump for the blinking coin overhead
such an incurable state
in touch with her on the way
and the last one goes sneaking under the bed

in search of your inner place
in touch with her on the way
all of the signs increasing every day

in touch with her on the way
in touch with her on the way
in touch with her on the way
in touch with her on the way
Track Name: I Got Nothin'
line ‘em up, it’s all in a day
turn the amp up, check the replay

now I know more than I can say
I got nothin’ and nothin’s ok

in time, in time, all divine
Track Name: Shabbaditty
silver skiffey on the Liffey see the city slipping slowly by
watch the small men bring them all in at the falling of the evening tide
make the passage with a message and a secret knock to get us in and then
we deliver hit the river and back again

pull in port side on the short line for our pastime 'praising petty deeds
trade the flotsam with the Scotsman load it up and we have all we need
rig the ropes and get your hopes up, set our bearings for the southern stream to dream
an embargo on the cargo we have to redeem

there’s every chance the four winds
will only blow us apart
and when we reach that day we all turn to clay
this is our turn to play